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Frequently Asked Questions



Who comes to Horley Baptist Church?

Anyone and everyone is more than welcome. Horley Baptist has a very mixed congregation who come together from a variety of backgrounds and traditions.         >back



Where do you meet?

Our Sunday morning service is held at 289 Court Lodge Road, Horley at 10.30am.      >back



How many people attend?

Horley Baptist has around 140 adults and children each Sunday morning.       >back



What happens at your services?

While there are specific things we do at special times of the year (like Christmas or Easter), all our services tend to include the following:

  • We sing together a variety of songs, from the contemporary to the traditional (led by our music team)
  • We have a time of prayer
  • We have a short(!) time for church announcements
  • We hear the Bible read to us, and then explained in a talk (lasting 15 - 30 minutes)
  • Communion usually takes place on the first Sunday of the month in the evening and on the third Sunday in the morning. Sometimes this is online at the moment.
  • After each service, there is the opportunity to pray in confidence with a member of our Prayer Ministry team and to meet others for refreshments.       >back


How long are the services?

The church service usually finishes between 11:45am and midday.       >back



Do you collect money during the service?

If you are a guest to our church we do not expect you to give any money to the church. It is for those who attend regularly to support all that Horley Baptist Church is doing. For this reason, we do not use an offering bag to take up an offering in a worship service. .        >back



Can I bring my children?

We have activites for Children and young people each Sunday morning.

There are a number of children and family events during the week.  For more information see our Children and Families webpage.  All volunteers working with children have a current DBS (formerly CRB) certificate and we adhere to an up-to-date child protection policy.            >back



What is the dress code?

The simple answer is, there is no dress code - we want you to feel comfortable as you are.       >back



Can I park at the church?

Yes, we have a car park available at our church centre.          >back



What events happen during the week?

There are a variety of groups for children, young people and adults.  See the “Groups” section in our website for details!         >back



Do you have provision for the hard of hearing or partially sighted?

It is important for everyone to feel welcome at Horley Baptist Church and for our services and activities to be as accessible as possible.  To help with this we try to ensure that all our printed literature and projected content use colour schemes and font sizes which are helpful for the partially sighted. Folders with large print words to songs are available on request on Sunday mornings. For those with impaired hearing we operate a loop system.  We have a number of people who are able to sign for the services. Please let one of the welcomers on the door know if you would like the service to be signed (BSL) and we will do our best to provide this for you.        >back



How do I get involved?

There are all sorts of ways to get involved at Horley Baptist Church, whether it is participating in a Home Group, or assisting in the various activities run by the church. If you have an idea of what you would like to do, speak with a team member or talk to one of the leaders and they will help you.        >back