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Central to our vision for being a community of disciples is the need for everyone who calls themselves a disciple to be part of a small group. We believe that this is where growth and discipleship can take place and also where pastoral care can happen. Because of the complex lifestyles that people now live our small groups are structured to be flexible and varied in the way they meet and the frequency with which they meet.

 We do not have a mid-week worship service. Instead, we focus on developing deeper relationships with God and friends through Bible study, prayer and fellowship.  Some of our groups meet in the evening, mainly in poeple's homes.  Others meet in the daytime or in the church building.

Some of our more elderly members prefer not to come out in the evenings and prefer a daytime group. Many of them attend the Thursday Group in the church building.  However, this is not exclusively for elderly folk! In fact we encourage our small groups to include representatives of all ages and variable Christian experience as this is refreshing for all and can lead to some of the best discussions!

If you want to find out about a small group and which one might suit you please talk to our Church Administrator... call the church office on 01293 456258, email us: admin@horleybaptist.org.uk or contact us online via the website.

Many home groups do not meet during holidays or summers. So before attending, speak to Lesley to check if a particular group is meeting on specific dates.