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BSL Signed Sermons

Sunday am 28th April: Doubting and Believing: Matt 28:16-20 Rev Russell Braund


Sunday am 21st April: Doubting and Believing: John 20:19-29 Dave Reid

Sunday am 24th March: The King on a Donkey? Zechariah 9:9-13 Neil Robinson

Sunday AM 17th March: An Oxymoron:  Isaiah 53: Rev Russell Braund

Sunday am  3rd March 2013: Behold the Man: Isaiah 42:1-4. Andrew Taylor

(As a repsonse to this sermon the song 'Acknowledge you' was sung.  The signed version is available here.)


Sunday am:17th February: Qualities of the Kingdom:Humility. Philippians 2:1-11. Rev Russell Braund. (Following the sermon 'Amazing Grace' and 'Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice were sung. They are both available to view here.)

Sunday 10th February - All Age Service: Trusting in God

10th February:  Some songs from the All Age Service:

Sunday am 27th January: Qualities of the Kingdom: Faithfulness. Psalm 62. Rev Russell Braund

(As a response to this sermon, the song 'Surrender' was played.  The signed version is available on this page below this sermon)

Song - Surrender (Marc James)


Sunday am 13th January: Qualities of the Kingdom: Confidence. Hebrews 4:14-16 Andrew Taylor

(NB: link to movie clip from 'Titanic':) 


Sunday am 6th January: Qualities of the Kingdon: Thank God for HBC. Phil 1:1-11  Rev. Russell Braund


Sunday am 23rd December: The Shepherd from Bethlehem. Matt 2:6  Andy Prior


Sunday am 9th December: Zechariah's Prophecy. Luke 1:67-79  Rev. Russell Braund

Sunday am 23rd September: 'The Kingdom of God includes who!? Mark 2:13-17; 10:13-16 Rev. Russell Braund

Sunday am 9th September: 'The Kingdom of God is at Hand'. Mark 1:1-15.  Rev. Russell Braund





Sunday am 22nd July 'The Gospel in an Alien Culture'. Acts 17:16-34   Rev. Russell Braund