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How will the Building be paid for?

The congregation commenced regular giving and fundraising towards the building and the land purchase several years ago. The fundraising campaign has increased since the purchase of the land in 2012.

Through gift days and additional regular contributions the congregation are giving sacrificially to the project. In addition we are working hard in many and varied ways to raise the funds. A small fundraising committee has been formed from within the Leadership team and the congregation to help co-ordinate fundraising events.

The church have had so much fun together, enjoying car wash breakfasts, talent shows, quiz nights table top sales and so much more, all in the name of fundraising!  Whilst these events raise relatively small amounts individually they have had a far larger impact, given that they have created a greater sense of family and inclusion within the congregation. It meant that the people who felt unable to give a lot could be a part of the fundraising process.

We have issued “Pringle” tubes to the congregation which have been returned filled with loose change. This alone has raised £3,000!

£10 notes were issued to those that wished to “invest” them (Parable of the Talents).  The average return on these after car boot sale, plant sales, jam making, craft manufacture, coffee mornings and cake sales has been £50 each. 

The Church have already raised a staggering £1.7 Million through sacrificial personal giving, fundraising efforts and sales of existing buildings.  They have pledged to give further regular amounts over the next 15 years to cover loan costs. 

The Final Push

We are now at the stages of the “final push” for fundraising. Alongside funds raised from within the church we are also hopeful that other groups will support us as we seek to serve our community.  We are now looking to raise funds to furnish our new building and to enable us to commence building Phase 2 (the auditorium/ Worship space) now that phase 1 is completed!)

For Information on donating please follow the link to our page on Donations.