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Questions about God?

  Does God really exist?

Why would he care about me?

Are prayers answered?

How can the Bible have any relevance for modern day living?

Do Christians really believe in a virgin birth and that Christ rose from the dead? 

Why does God allow suffering?

If Christians are following Jesus' teachings, how come they are so imperfect?

What did Jesus teach anyway?

I live a reasonably good sort of life and try to be kind to my "neighbour". I hope that that will be enough to "get me to heaven", but how do I know if it will?

Why do Christians think that following Jesus is the only way to know God?

How do I find out about what Christians believe?

Do you have these or other questions?  We would love you to contact us and to arrange for you to meet with others who may have similar (or different!) questions so that we can help you explore Christianity in an informal small group. We are happy to arrange these informal discussion groups (eg using resources based on the "Alpha" course, or other courses such as "Christianity Explored").

Please contact the church office if you would like to express an interest in finding out more.

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